Zygors Leveling Guide Review – The Fastest Way To Level 1-90 In World of Warcraft!

Zygors leveling guide is really designed for players looking to boast all achievements and level their alts, the guide offers the fastest possible questing route from 1-85 and the update for the Mists of Pandaria expansion is due to be released in SEP of this year.

Not only will the guide continually calculate the best possible quest route available but also boasts a ton of other features that will help you level up in WoW such as built in talent guides, clear instructions on what mobs to attack and which to bypass, who you should talk to and when, when to catch a griffin flight and more..

The guides built in waypoint-arrow and navigation system is a blessing in disguise and a dream to work with, if you’re used to the navigation system that Blizzard provide then you’ll be nicely surprised as there’s no need to set trackers and keep toggling between the map and game screen!

Zygors leveling guide is for players who have leveled a couple of characters and want to level their “alts” for their farming accounts (this is the main reason anyway!).

As you may know the games content doesn’t truly unfold until a player reaches the level 90 cap (since MOP), the problem is players who have already leveled a character for both Horde and Alliance have essentially already experienced that part of the game and then just want to benefit from leveling characters and get involved heavily in PvP, heroics, raids and other aspects of the game as well as farm materials to send to their main character/s.

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