You Know What They Say About Diamonds

When thinking about fashion classics, certain items always come to mind. If we are talking about clothing, jeans, straight-legged khaki’s, chinos, and the little black dress pop almost immediately into our heads. These are all the staples in even the most sophisticated wardrobe. When we are thinking about accessories, we know that thin scarf will serve a purpose somehow either around our waist or around our necks and we know that Gucci purses are always en vogue. So, when it comes to jewelry, the same concept applies. There are just some things that forever serve a purpose and that never go out of style. And one of those things is the diamond. They are and will always be a girl’s best friend. Diamond jewelry stands the test of time and continues to be fashionable and classic: runway season after runway season.

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The exciting part and the challenge of the classic diamond is to find it in unique places and used in interesting new ways. You see them in the form of a single dramatic stone or within a series of brilliant stones looking like stardust. The settings, the form, the use of diamonds in jewelry are timeless but always offer up a challenge in creativity bracelet pop it .

One of the most incredible designers to use this classic stone is Judith Ripka, and stunning beauty can be found in the unique and dazzling creations in her line of diamond jewelry. Eyes pop at the mere glance of a glamorous Judith Ripka bracelet or sparkling Judith Ripka pin. And though she loves to be daring and playful with some very special gemstones, she does remain true to the use of the ever-beloved diamond. Some of her diamond collections have made it on the runways with the most sought after clothing designers. She uses both white and colored diamonds in order to keep things fresh. She also enjoys playing with different metals from oxidized or blackened gold to sterling silver to for the settings. Her ideas offer a bold new twist to the classic diamond concept that remains the highlight of most women’s jewelry boxes. As I mentioned earlier, Judith Ripka pins are synonymous with sparkle. Her collection includes both white and yellow gold settings, as the designs are reminiscent of antique pieces with subtle hints of modern glamour. Then there is the show stopping Judith Ripka cuff that utilizes diamonds in a very free-spirited and whimsical way. Again, she takes a classic and timeless stone and turns it into a modern yet lasting piece of art and wardrobe.

One can never tire or get bored of diamonds. They are a staple in every jewelry box and in every wardrobe. All one needs to do is find the designs that are expressive, creative, and fresh. They can be your signature pieces. Diamonds are the finishing touches to so many outfits, for many different occasions. They will always be with you, always reliably gorgeous. They never disappoint and will be around forever, much like a best friend.

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