What Do eCommerce Application Developers Need To Know About Amazon Go?

As highlighted by a number of studies, a large percentage of online shopper abandon shopping cart if the find the checkout process complicated or too long. That is why; the developers have to explore ways to keep the checkout flow simple and checkout process fast to keep the shoppers engaged and persuade them to complete the online transaction. Often developers try to combat shopping cart abandonment by implementing checkout page optimization tricks like keeping checkout process simple, increasing loading speed of the checkout page, providing multiple payment options, keeping online payment secure, and including a visual progress indicator.

The eCommerce application developers can emulate Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, to reduce shopping cart abandonment by making the web store deliver checkout-free shopping experience. Amazon recently announced a new kind of store called Amazon Go which delivers checkout-free shopping experience. The company uses advanced shopping technologies to enable customers to buy a variety of products with no lines and no checkout. Amazon Go aims to increase conversion rate through checkout-free shopping experience. It further enables customers to experience the checkout-free shopping by using their Amazon account and Amazon Go app.

Understanding Important Features of Amazon Go

Checkout-Free Shopping Experience

Amazon Go is a brick-and-mortar store. But Amazon has designed the store specifically to boost customer experience by delivering Just Walk Out Shopping experience. A shopper can enter the new kind of store through Amazon Go app; purchase the required products; and walkout without going pay with ethereum amazon through checkout process. The no-checkout experience enables shoppers to buy the products in a faster and more convenient way by avoiding both lines and checkout.

Advanced Shopping Technologies

Amazon has designed Amazon Go with the advanced technologies used by various self-driving cars. It created the Just Walk Out Technology by combining computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. The Just Walk Out Technology automatically detects when a product is taken off the shelf and returned to the shelf. It further includes the products taken by a shopper in a virtual cart. Based on the items included in the virtual cart, the store charges the customer’s Amazon account and sends invoice. Hence, a customer can simply leave the store without checking out and making payment.

Amazon Go App

Amazon requires shoppers to experience checkout-free shopping by using the Amazon Go on their mobile devices. The shopper further needs to purchase the products through his Amazon account. He can enter into the retail store by holding the Amazon Go app to a scanning device. But he can buy the products without using his smartphone. Also, he can leave the store without checkout. The online retailer will charge his Amazon account and send an invoice. However, Amazon is yet to launch Amazon Go app. The company has also not revealed the features and usage of Amazon Go.

Products and Brands

Amazon Go is a brick-and-mortar retail store. But Amazon uses advanced technologies to make shopping experience checkout-free. Hence, the customers will have option to choose from a wide variety of products and brands along with grocery essentials. The shoppers can further buy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from local kitchens and bakeries. They can even opt for food items prepared by on-site chefs. Additionally, the shoppers can buy chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits to prepare a meal for two in about 30 minutes.

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