Website Traffic – Some Top Recommended Link Building Strategies!

The matter seems simple enough: get as many sites to link to you as possible, and you are good to go. However, the more ambitious your link building project, the better idea it is to focus on specific strategies that garner you the maximum results.

Link baiting: often referred to as the ‘natural’ means of link building, it is based on having the right and relevant content in your site. The idea is that other sites themselves want to link to you because your content is really unique or stands out in some way. Imagine hundreds of users voluntarily posting your sites address everywhere…on their blogs, their Tweets, their discussion forums! The disadvantage is, as you might have guessed, that it is incredibly difficult to come up with something so innovative that it shows a meaningful increase in traffic.

Link exchanges two or more ways: This mutually beneficial way has become the ideal means of link building. It usually takes a good amount of research to find other sites that are in the same niche and with the same interests as yourself. One way to find those people would be through a reciprocal-link program (see strategy directory submissions below). Experienced SEO marketers recommend that to really make a difference in traffic you will probably need to make at least 30 relevant link exchanges.

Directory submissions: You can look into portals for hundreds of different options for forging links to your site. The 4 categories of link building directory submissions are free, niche, pay-for-inclusion, and reciprocal required. Such submissions are usually the cheapest way to get your link out there, but it also takes considerable time to start seeing results.

High PR Subscriptions: Usually, exchanging links may not be sufficient because your partner website does not have the desired amount of traffic you want to traffic. ‘Back-linking’ can be especially difficult with high-PR websites that closely monitor these actions.

Thus another recommended way to build links to to rent 5-10 text links at high-PR websites. Prices will vary according to the position where your link will be as well as the amount of time it will stay on there.

Linking companies: This an often-used method to post your permanent link on the footers of various websites. It is a network of websites, each of which brings a high-quality judi slot website with some link slots for fellow members. Users have been successful in getting up to 200 permanent links per day. Although the set-up hinges on quality, not as much attention is paid to relevancy, which might pose a problem.

Hire bloggers: Do not underestimate the power of social media-networking. For a reasonable price you can get a blogger to talk about your website and provide a link to it. It is especially easy to get your link out there to targeted niches. Naturally, to see results you have to make sure the blogger works consistently for long periods of time to counter the older blogs which inevitably get buried.

Write testimonials and reviews: Giving is better than receiving in this case, particularly if your ‘gift’ has your signature and link on it. Send a favorable testimonial to your web designer, web host, web developer, and/or SEO: be sure that it is not just favorable, but provides concrete information that would make your provider want to publish it. Provide your name as well as the link to your site at the bottom. Although this task is time-consuming and may need to be outsourced, it will work particularly well if your provider is well-known and has a large client base

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