Virtual Assistants – Find Topics For Articles When You Are Not Familiar With Your Client’s Industry

One of the services I offer as a virtual assistant is blogging and article marketing. It is a valuable resource that is in great demand in our virtual industry as more clients understand the potential for good SEO kesihatan alternatif. As article marketing increases online presence it also helps to classify the client as industry experts. Additionally, articles can reap a ‘better bang for the buck’ as they can be repurposed into blog entries, newsletters and press releases. Strategically placed, one article can have many lives.

Kementerian Kesihatan sedia teroka rawatan alternatif dadah

I recently had a very intuitive consultation call with a potential client who was interested in blogging and article marketing. The client asked an interesting question, “How do you create topics for articles [when the virtual assistant is not familiar with the client’s industry]?”

I have been asked this question on previous occasions by other virtual assistants as well, so I created a client questionnaire for VAs, which is available for download on my website.

Ideally, a virtual assistant partners with a client on an ongoing basis to develop a relationship where communication between the parties is maintained regularly. If the opportunity for a good partnership develops, the best way to write good articles for a client is to be privy to their business happenings. This occurs only through good, two-way communication. It is not unusual for a client to ask a question or share a piece of information with me, which can easily be turned into an article. Consequently, I’ll often reply with, “This can become a good blogging topic”.

Another means to develop good article topics is to ask the client to check his Sent Box. What kind of questions is the client answering to his own customers? Whatever information the client’s customers are asking certainly makes for great article topics. Give the readers what they want to know… write about what the customer is asking to know.

VAs, ask the client to send you urls to the online newsletters which are relative to your client’s business. I often subscribe to the same blogs, newsletters and ezines my clients read. This is another means to find great ideas for articles and blogs. One long-term client regularly sends me real estate articles from which I have been able to construct good articles. Keep them in a folder in your favorites entitled, ‘Blogging Topics’.

I often find subject matter on other people’s blogs which I send to my clients requesting that he respond with a brief reply. Sometimes the answers are a few lines which I can expand upon, while others are complete responses which I can post in varying blogs or article marketing sites.

A long forgotten source for good article topics is the local public library. I will often visit the library and sit down with several magazines and publications related to my client’s businesses. I jot down the publication name and look it up online when I return to my office. Ask the librarian for other sources such as newsletters and flyers which are not available online. The librarian is another valuable tool to good research…and, the librarian’s services are free!

If a virtual assistant is not familiar with a client’s industry, there are numerous means to learn about his business. Asking questions, creating Google Alerts with keyword relative to the client’s business and keeping abreast of the client’s products and services are other important options to good article marketing as a virtual assistant. Download the Questionnaire for Virtual Assistants to Ask Their Clients Regarding Article Writing and Blog Ideas for more options.

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