Top Free Classified Advertising Sites

Classified advertising can be a really good way for marketers who don’t have a lot of money to spend to advertise their products or service. However, not all classified web sites are equally effective. In this article we will take a look at some of the best classified web sites online. The ones we have chosen will give you the best and most targeted traffic. They are also either free or very affordable.

Craigslist is the number eight Alexa rated web site or the Internet. This essentially means that it receives a ton of traffic. This can be a gold mind for the Internet marketer. There’s an opportunity to get your web site in front of a great number of people. Craigslist is divided by country, state provinces and cities backpage alternatives websites. Craigslist would prefer that individuals only place ads locally. However, in most cases, you can get away with posting to other cities. If you attempt to post to too many cities, your ads will stop showing up. The posting limit is generally around 30 ads per day.

There are a number of categories which products or services can be listed. Be sure to choose one which is relative to your product. You can sell affiliate products on Craigslist, however, you will need a domain name and you will have to forward your sales page to your domain name in order for it to show up. Craigslist does require phone verification before they allow you to post in certain categories. Therefore, make sure to create an account and verify it by phone.

Backpage is another really great classified site. It is divided by cities. There are a number of categories in which to to post within each city. They include community ads, auto, sell and trade, real estate, rentals, musicians, jobs, personals and services. It is another very good classified site that receives a good amount of traffic. Again, make sure that you choose the correct category and then post your offer.

Kijiji is owned by eBay. It is an American classified site. It is divided by state and then by city. They have a good number of categories including cars and vehicles, a section for anything that you could possibly want to sale, pets, housing, services, jobs and personals. Kijiji is another excellent classified web site.

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