Tips For Buying A Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are one of the most important types of head protective equipment for cyclists of all ages. A bike helmet, also known as a cycling helmet, is simply a kind of protective helmet specifically designed to minimize impacts to a cyclist’s head in cases of falls while also minimizing side effects like interference in vision. The protection it affords is almost unrivaled among bike helmets. These protective gears have also come to symbolize the pride of cyclists in their sport. While this article is not about the importance of wearing bike helmets, I would just like to highlight some of the various types available and their varying features.

The first category is the full-face bike helmets. They are generally medium-sized in size and can easily be strapped on with bike shorts. This design offers maximum protection to the upper part of the head. Full-face bike helmets were typically worn by serious bikers. Since they cover the entire head area, serious injuries due to bike falls could be avoided. But it is unfortunate that more cyclists fall prey to accidents related to cycling without wearing one.

Another type is the half-shell helmets. These helmets are similar to full shell ones in terms of design and comfort. However, these offer much less protection. The biggest advantage they have over full-face types is that they are much more ventilated. As compared to full-face models which are almost totally enclosed, the ventilation is provided through the front of the helmet which allows for maximum airflow through the helmet which further contributes to safety standards.

Liners are made up of polystyrene foam. Their most common material is either fiberglass or neoprene. Fiberglass is the better option as compared to the other two because it is more durable and elastic. These two also have their own advantages when it comes to preventing external objects from penetrating inside. But the major disadvantage associated with these two is that they need constant replacement which may be a bit expensive.

Protective gears are what make wearing a bicycle helmet necessary. It is basically an inner lining that goes over the entire surface of the shell. Some of the best protective gears are the straps that go over the shoulders and back to support the head. These are necessary because you cannot be sure of what will happen if you suffer an impact. With these straps, you can be sure that your head will not be affected.

A vital feature that all helmets have been the fitting system. The fit system ensures that the straps do not slip so that you are secured and your head is properly protected. There are two systems available-the full-face fitting system and the clip-on fitting system.

A vital component that all helmets must-have is the EPS foam. The EPS foam is the main shock absorber. It absorbs impact with a great deal of power so that your head is not damaged in case of an accident. In addition, it also reduces the pressure on the brain and the spinal cord.

You can rest assured that a great number of injuries in the UK are caused as a result of lack of protection. Bicycle helmets that have the EPS foam liner will ensure that you enjoy complete safety during your ride. However, it is necessary that your helmet has a proper seal. This can be achieved by either purchasing a DOT-approved one or by carrying out the fitting system yourself. The most convenient way of doing this is by consulting a certified motorcycle mechanic who will also advise you about the correct size and type of helmet to buy.

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