The Most Expensive Handbag Ever Sold at Auction

I recently read in the Daily Mail UK that Christies Auction House in Hong Kong sold the most expensive handbag ever sold. But according to the Wall Street Journal it was the most expensive bag sold at auction.

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The bag was a Birkin by Hermes, in fuchsia pink crocodile skin. It was purchased by an unidentified buyer at the auction. When the hammer went down, the price tag was 1.72 million Hong Kong dollars which is equal to UK £150,000, or US $228,480 裝修設計 . It was reported in the Daily Mail as the most expensive handbag ever sold, but I think like it stated in the Wall Street Journal it was meant to say the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.

The Daily Mail UK said that this sale broke the previous world record, set in 2011, for the world’s most expensive handbag. The previous record was for a bag which sold for £133,500 (US$202,585) at auction in the USA. This was also for a Hermes Birkin, but in rouge-red crocodile skin.

My research reveals that the world’s most expensive handbag, as listed in the Guinness Book of Records, was for a Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse which is worth an astounding US $3.8 million.

I will dedicate this article to talking about the world’s most expensive handbag sold at auction as identified by the Daily Mail UK and Wall Street Journal. But just to put it into perspective; instead of buying this pink Birkin, you could buy a luxury car with the same amount of money. Or even put a deposit on a house. And the Daily Mail reports that Christies have another Birkin up for auction soon, a sexy black leather number, which may even sell for more.

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