Spa Salon Marketing – 4 Core Marketing Principles That Will Turn Marketing Failure Into Success

All You Need to Know to Accelerate Your Spa Salon Marketing

The most important thing to understand is that promotion campaign has to be designed for clients not for salon owners. And certainly, it has to attract them be speaking the language of clients which means, by implementing the right promotion strategy that fits the clients’ income level and attracts them by offering what they want. That is why many salon owners have to precisely understand who the target market is and how the clients can be excited into action.

It is not a secret that the best ideas for marketing campaigns are those that have already been implemented. If they worked in the past, they will work in the future as marketing is like ageless wisdom, doing the same things in new different ways. However, those ideas must remain fresh that translates as the concept is remained but the message changes.

Birthday letters, cards or notes can be successfully utilized for salon promotion campaign. They can take lots of different forms and shades or colours. They can be handwritten or beautifully printed or send electronically via e-mail. The most important thing to understand that marketing is all about matching and therefore, birthday letters, cards or notes must match the salon’s image.

So, the concept is remained but what changes is the message

The message has to be short, simple and catchy highlighting the benefits the client will get by purchasing the salon services. The message should emphasize the reason San Diego Best Salon of this campaign such as `Mothers’ Day’ or Birthday and then, the way to stand out is in the `look’ or discount or the offer that the salon owners give as a gift.

It is advised to set up a system that makes it easy to manage and sent those postcards two days before the beginning of the birthday month. Post or e-mail are preferred ways to send as the first one gives a feeling of personal attention or surprise and the second is very cost – efficient. You can do up a fantastic looking graphic and the cost of sending is very small.

The salon owners need to utilize birthday letters, cards on routine basis. But the `look’ and `offer’ should be changed every year. It is advised to keep offers so to be able to utilize them again after certain period of time or be aware of them aiming not to repeat the offer and fail.

The gift or the salon’s offer does not need to cost a lot but need to mean a lot. One of the greatest examples of creating brand loyalty is to provide free treatments for clients or a gift card. This is important as it serves as relationship building with your clients.

Everybody knows that 20 per cent of clients are contributing to 80 per cent of profits. And those are called loyal customers.

Newsletters are very effective vehicles of salon advertising. However, they require a lot of work. As they carry some kind of news, newsletters are excellent for introducing a new product or a discount offer. As they carry a WOW factor. Therefore, clients need to be somehow attracted to read the newsletter.

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