Some of the Greatest Professionally Made Viral Videos

Even if you are not someone who spends hours a day on the internet or watching television, chances are you have seen your fair share of viral videos. You know the commercial from two years ago that you still find yourself cracking up over? If it is still in your head, it most likely went viral. Here are a few examples of some professionally produced viral videos. Though it is not always necessary to have a video professionally produced for it to gain viral status, for these memorable few, the smooth transitions and perfect timing really do make a difference.

The Force
Last year’s Super Bowl had everyone talking about the cute kid dressed as Darth Vader using the force to start a Volkswagen Passat in his driveway (as his dad presses the button from his kitchen). This sweet move, along with a bunch of failed attempts on other large objects, are set to the classic march from the movie, adding quite a bit of style and dignity to the whole show. The whole concept is so adorable that it would have made for a cute scene no matter what, but something about the professional captured style made this a big hit!

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Back during the Super Bowl in 2010, Old Spice aired the hilarious commercial, “Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” A series of quick and seamless scene changes, all throughout one continuous monologue by actor Isaiah Mustafa, take the viewer through a whirlwind presentation of video production atlanta the perfect man, who of course smells like Old Spice. After tickets change magically into diamonds in his hands, he transitions (magically and instantly) from standing on a yacht to riding off on a horse (hence, the famous last line, “I’m on a horse”). The whole thing is so quick (about 33 seconds), that everyone had to watch it again… and then show all their friends.

It’s Friday
Almost everyone knows the name “Rebecca Black,” thanks to her professionally produced music video, “Friday.” In just a week it had already gotten over thirty million views on YouTube, and eventually had the now 15 year old singer on talk shows around the country. The reason we all paid so much attention to this thing is that even though the lyrics were pretty silly, and no one had heard of this girl before, was that it totally looked like any music video you would see on MTV (back when they played music videos, that is). Though it was commonly dubbed “the worst song ever,” whether you love it or hate it, it probably still gets stuck in your head from time to time.

If you have got a great idea for a video, whether it is for your company or just a message or joke you want to share with everyone (and you should take everyone literally), consider hiring a professional video production company. Your video will come out clean and polished, and generally look like something worth sitting through.

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