Sexuality and the New Social Norms

The century has been touted as the revolution of industrialization from all fronts, especially innovation and post-invention eras. People are more learned, liberalized and independent. Freedoms have grown ever greater and you can almost enjoy anything without giving hoots about who judges you, how and when Comes to the body where it’s your choice not even morality prevails before you.

In the less judgmental societies, why not a little bit of the forbidden anywhere and anytime? Red districts are cropping up in cities world over more than yoga parlors and religious places Shibuya Kaho . Call them whatever you want but don’t disguise a cool name like “massage parlor” and therapist offices then you get in and only to have a whole menu waiting; what the heck is going on? Anyway, who am I to question and on my diary I got a date with a sex therapist. What did they say sex therapists services were? Clearly, I don’t even know how I got booked.

All in all the expert advice that every one of us in the various fields has for the other has become a way of getting money. Even the justice system has now become part and parcel of this huge and wide conspiracy. Get someone on the witness box and he alters our normal way of thinking a rapist ought to be pardoned because there’s some kind of a psychological disorder that overrules his consciousness at certain stages. Come on are we serious?

In summary, I would want to believe that civil liberties that we enjoy, especially to do with our sexuality, ought to have that connotation of more sexuality exploration with the mind that there is the authenticity of it all. Don’t divulge from the originality of sex just because we are more liberal. The forbidden still remain in our feelings. The jealousy rage of yester-years still are. The sexual pleasures that seemed so cool in roman times have been practiced over and over but your normal average cheater or pornstar would want you to believe it’s their creativity. Choice of morality versus the new social norm boils down to an individual. Am no judge but judge yourself without negating the fact that your conscience dictates a lot of your actions and consequences?

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