Seven Day Cash Finder: Day Number Four

If you have followed the previous steps from day one to three, you are now perfectly set for this day’s steps. First of all, remember that the goal for this day is to track clicks, provide value and the so-called “Give a Crap” phrase that basically means that you should give attention to everything that there is.

One important thing that you should do is to evaluate the result. This step is very important to see how your market is doing. To find out the performance of your market, go to Google AdWords and check how it is. You then need to calculate and take an educated guess and test everything out to see what’s going on google web scraper . After that, go to ClickBank and track your market’s profits. You may also go to Hydra Media and check your campaign with them.

The next important step that you should make is to ask the market what they want. The goal in this is to find out what people want; how you can give it to them and find out how you can make money in the process.

You also need to build opt in pages and thank you pages which helps a lot in your market’s site. Put some AdSense on your page because this will make you earn more money by advertising some Google advertisements on your page. Post your sales letter on the page then hit ‘save’. After that, go back to your Homepage and change the ‘hyperlink’ of the keyword to reflect your new site. You may paste a content page from the book and paste it on your market page or you may scrape content from Google Search results.

SEO firms can sometimes be a scam. Don’t fall for it. Be sure never to share confidential information about your or your company with SEO firms that you don’t recognize or haven’t heard of. Be very careful with teaser offers like free trials, services that seem too good to be true or are overly expensive. Take a second look at any guarantees or promises and avoid vendors who won’t listen to what you have to say.

Many SEO companies will send you unsolicited emails about how they can generate more traffic for search engine optimization, SEO. SEO is a technique of changing the design of your website so that it comes out in the top of search engine results on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This website optimization can attract more customers and clients and can generate more traffic to your webpages. You can hire me as a Jacksonville SEO Expert to optimize your site for you but we should cover some initial topics to remember to help you avoid getting scammed by services that are not on your side. Be sure that they company or person you hire is a bona fide professional.

It’s true, everybody wants one, they seem to be the hottest gift idea of the millennium, but don’t fall into the trap of paying too much for yours! Too many people are rushing out, doing a Google search and buying the first personalized iPhone case they find, you know, the one at the top of the search engine results, in most cases for $40 or more!

Let’s take a step back here – why are so many people falling over themselves for the same product? You can blame Apple for that; with their incredible marketing efforts, millions of people all over the world now use the same cell phone, you know the one, the one you probably want too! The issue here is most people want to give their phone its own identity, but with Apple iPhones only being available in two colors, black or white, everybody’s phone becomes anonymous.

So now we know why everyone wants one, but why do they pay so much more than they need to for them? People are just plain lazy, they don’t do thorough research, they prefer the fastest and easiest route to a purchase, in other words a quick Google search, click on the first link they see, upload some photos and designs, create their own unique iPhone case, order it and pay whatever is demanded!

Most people are surprised to learn that if they shop around a little more they can find the identical product for less than half the price! The reason the companies at the top of the search engines charge so much is because they spend an absolute fortune on advertizing – and that is why they are top of the search engines, and do you know what, it’s you, the consumer, that’s paying for it all!

The bottom lines is, if you dig a little deeper, you will always find the same thing for less – that applies to any popular product, not just custom iPhone 4 cases.

When you research more thoroughly, you will find a better selection in addition to better prices. For example, did you know that fully customizable iPhone 4 cases are readily available in many more colors than the standard black or white you find in most stores – to my knowledge alone, you can also find blue, green, orange, pink and clear.

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