One of the Most Important Christian Holidays – Christmas

Christmas trivia will show that this is the most important Holiday in the Christian world. In addition to being the most important holiday in the Christian calendar, it has also become one of the most commercial days of the year, and there is an entire economy created in American because of the Christmas season.

A Christmas quiz will show that the date of Christmas is meant to symbolize the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. Few assume that this was the actual day that Jesus was born, although scholars have not been able to pinpoint definitively the origin of the use of December 25th to commemorate Christ’s birth.

An interesting point of Christmas trivia is how early the holiday was established. Feasts were held to honor Christ on that day as early as 300-400AD. The Holiday would become december global holidays more and more important during the middle ages, and by the 1300s, many of the most important rulers were celebrating the holiday with huge feasts and festivals.

The western tradition of Christmas has extended the holiday beyond the Christian elements of its origin. A Christmas quiz will show that we now have many elements associated with the holiday which are more about commercialism and gift giving than about religion, and without a doubt the most well known of these is Santa Clause. It is important to note that although Santa is not a Christian figure; most have embraced him as an enjoyable symbol of the holidays.

Santa has his roots in many different traditions of a gift giver from this time of year. Different cultures call him by many different names, such as Sinterclauss, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Kris Kringle. The original gift giving icon was supposed to wear the robes of a Bishop, still attached to the religious tones of the holiday. The image of Santa that we know now was created by an illustrator in the 1800’s by the name of Thomas Nast.

The economy of Christmas has become very important, and something that many countries are surely considering given the current global economic situation. After thanksgiving, it seems like all of America becomes aimed at marketing products towards the Christmas audience. Many feel that the commercialism of the holiday is a detriment to the values of religion, family, and peace on earth which were for so long the ideals that the holiday was meant to bring into focus.

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