ollywood Stars – A Timeline of Shameem Kazmi

Over the past twenty years Shameem Kazmi has consistently worked at the forefront of executive and leadership roles, having launch-out with start-up companies through to multinational, international corporations. A tireless worker for change, he is well known for his creativity, skill and hard work. He believes that one must be willing to sacrifice and risk to achieve one’s goals, especially when those goals are difficult to achieve. In his opinion the key to success is passion, desire, perseverance and tenacity, together with creativity and commitment, to achieve one’s aims and dreams.

Kazmi is of Indian origin and grew up in Pakistan. As a child he was deeply influenced by his father who was a well-known Islamic scholar and professor at a leading university. After college he worked as a translator and journalist specializing in Bollywood films in London, firstly in TV and later in publishing Shameem Kazmi. There he set up his own company, publishing in India and Pakistan, which led him to establish offices and then employ other people to help him run the business. It was during this time that he came under the tutelage of Sheikh Qasim Rashid Al-Rajiani, a famous leader of Jamaat ul-Daula, who was then known as Afghanistan’s first prime minister. During the early days of his business career he also received help from Sheikh Hashem bin Laden, who was the younger brother of the late leader and mentor to Kazmi.

Achieving success is not easy for anyone and it can even be more difficult for someone as humble as Kazmi. He is described by many as a modest man, unwilling to accept high profile positions until he had proven himself. Yet, this was something that he was able to do as the company began to grow and became more successful. He only left the position of CEO of the company in order to take a more prominent role as a consultant. This led to further growth of the business and its reputation in the market.

Shameem Kazmi rose to fame as an actor in Hindi and English films in the 1980s. His early roles were on television shows like Mankatha, which was an offspring of Kamal Amrohi’s Bhaas. The movie itself was a hit and was followed by several other successful films. Later he went on to act in a number of well-received movies including The Secret Happy Days and Bombay! He later returned to Hindi films with hits like Karan Johar and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. The success of his English films led him to enter Hollywood and star in some very well known movies such as Friday and Invictus.

One film that he did not appear in but nevertheless made a huge impact on the viewers was Sholay. Though it was not exactly a mainstream film, it was certainly a hit and achieved a great success. Shameem Kazmi’s association with Hollywood is mostly centered around his association with movies produced in Hollywood. The success of his first two Hollywood films resulted in him being nominated for the same. When he lost out to Gene Hackman for the best actor award for 1994’s Vanilla Sky, Kazmimba turned out to be one of the favourites in Hollywood for his performance.

While many in Hollywood were impressed by his portrayal of anime and mysticism, few were as impressed with his acting skills as he was. He is currently associated with the film franchise of Spider-Man and has even appeared in a Spider-Man spinoff movie. Aptly put, there is no doubt about the man’s ability and what he can bring to the table as an actor. There are few other actors in the industry today who can match up to the legacy of Shameem Kazmi. One just has to see for oneself to understand the impact that he can have on the production industry.

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