Neighbourhood KNIGHTS – A One Stop Service SHOP – From Home!

Hello, today’s money making tip is about a way you can help your local community and help yourself at the same time.

You have probably heard of “Neighbourhood Watch” where people keep an eye out in the local streets for suspicious characters, and phone police if they see anything wrong. Well this is NOTHING like that at all! (LOL)

This is Neighbourhood Knights… a self help group 觀塘寫字樓出租 who band together under your direction to assist members of the immediate community – for a FEE of course.

Think about what is going on in your local community at any one time.

People need electricians, they need painters, they need someone to fix their fence, to mow their lawn – they may even need someone to clean their house, or visit once in a while because they are lonely.

Now picture this – in the evening what are most people doing on any given night? Answer – mainly watching TV.

Don’t you think amongst your local community that you would have:

a) People who need extra money
b) People who have some sort of skill which could be of USE to another local person

You are just going to match the two of them up, and take a cut of any fees.

As a Neighbourhood Knights leader you can call and/or leave a card explaining on one side of the card the sort of skills required, and on the other side of the card, you show a nice big “MAKE MONEY” in Red on Black.

Charge reasonable rates, get a variety of people on your books from your local neighbourhood, this way you are helping out your local people by providing them with answers to their problems, at reasonable rates – and on the flip side of that coin you are providing part time work to other local people.

Obviously check out the people who are going to be on your books, take a reference and ask for examples of their work.

If someone claiming to be a good house cleaner comes on board, ask them to clean your house first as a “test” (LOL) for FREE!

How many people must there be on any given day – in say, just a small 3 mile square area of any built up area, who would perhaps require some help with their computer, a babysitter – or they may need a plumber, a TV repairman, a cleaner, someone to run up and collect a takeaway.

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