Make Her Body Explode With Erotic Lightning! Using Your Mouth to Make Her Have Multiple Orgasms

The penis is not always the best way to please your lover. In fact, most women report enjoying oral sex more than regular intercourse. It is not surprising, since the clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings. If you want to keep your lover satisfied, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to master the techniques of oral sex.

Foreplay is extremely important

Most men fail to realize that foreplay is much more important for men than for women. Men are turned on almost instantly, whereas women slowly warm up. Don’t expect to simply choose to perform oral sex without any foreplay. She won’t be all that into it. Instead, you must get her ready. Try erotic massage hong kong giving her an erotic message, these work wonders.

Kiss around her danger zone

The best way to get a woman turned on is by teasing her. Kiss around her danger zone. I guarantee you that this will drive her absolutely insane. She won’t be able to control her passion, trust me! She will be writhing and begging you to pleasure her.

Some women like suction

Some women like their clitoris to be sucked vigorously. Remember, there are 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris. If this seems silly, it’s not. It’s extremely pleasurable for your leading lady. You should also try flicking the clitoris with your tongue will simultaneously sucking on it. This should put her over the top, but if it doesn’t, try penetrating her with your fingers. This will absolutely make her erupt with erotic lighting!

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