Maca Powder: Super Foods to Improve Your Health

Maca is a kind of plant native to the land of Andes, Peru. It is commonly used as root vegetable and a medicinal plant. It is a safe food for both humans and animals but it is low in iodine that may cause thyroid problems when excessively eaten. However, dark-colored Maca roots has significant content of natural iodine that has about 10 g serving of this dried Maca may contain 52 milligrams of iodine.

Maca herb is already used in early times even before Peru has been conquered by the Spaniards. In fact, ancient warriors are using the herb as a potential substance for maintaining an energetic and vigorous body condition during battle.

Maca Powder is considered as an excellent food that enhances energy levels with great health benefits. It contains several elements which are also found in Ginseng that are very effective in keeping a healthy sexual life Maca. Most of its components are very helpful for the wellness of the human body that contributes also for a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the health benefits of Maca Powder:

Has an adaptogenic property-Maca is one of the unique plants that is classified as adaptogen-that has ability to adapt on the human body’s condition and reacts quickly in healing any problem within the body.

Increases libido and restores your body’s energy-Maca contains elements that increases libido (free creative energy of an individual in particular to its sexual behavior). I some instances, Maca is use also by most warriors before they go for a battle to keep their body active and strong for hard activities.

Enhances functions of our body systems-Maca contains several fatty acids, calcium, Vitamin B1, B2 and B12 which are essential nutrients in that helps promote good digestion and enhances the functions of our nervous system. Moreover, its alkaloid content neutralizes all the nutrients within the body that helps in keeping your body strong and healthy.

Excellent pain reliever-Maca Powder can be used as analgesic, expectorant or sedative as it contains saponins and terpenoids which have the capability of relieving pain.

Effective aid on restoring sexual dysfunctions-As Maca increases libido, it has high efficacy on restoring sexual dysfunctions. This makes it a very popular aid in building back sexual wellness especially in the western areas.

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