Lyrical Dance – an Expression Driven Style of Dance

There are several aspects to the field of dance that make it quite an appealing art form to many. From ballet to jazz to tap, there is just so much there is to learn about dancing. However, for people who are more interested in expressing emotion through movement as opposed to learning set traditional techniques, there is the wonderful art of lyrical dance. While some element of technique is essential in lyrical dancing, what is more important is whether or not you are able to express what needs to be portrayed on stage.

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Lyrical dance is a style that actually combines elements of the most popular traditional techniques like ballet, tap and jazz. However, it really is not that concerned with the physique of the dancer. The primary goal of a lyrical dancer is to have the ability to portray or convey the emotion behind the lyrics of a song. In some cases, lyrical dance can be performed to an instrumental piece of music, which also has some amount of emotion that needs to be interpreted and expressed by the dancer.

Lyrical dancers have to develop a certain level of maturity so they are able to express emotions through facial expressions and body movement. In a real sense, they are required to tell the story without including any spoken word and just focus on movement and facial interpretation.

Although the physique of the dancer is not the primary focus for the lyrical dance style, dancers do need to have a high degree of strength and flexibility because there are usually lifts and spins that could be considered complicated but necessary for the lyrical dancing style.

What is great about this type of dance is that you really do not need to start out at a young age. In fact, it is preferred that lyrical dancers are a little older because it is much easier for them to express their emotions than it is for young kids and teenagers.

It is still unclear where or when lyrical dance originated. However, it continues to be popular in certain arenas, especially theater and Broadway presentations. Although there are elements of different dance techniques involved in lyrical dance, many of the movements do not resemble any type of traditional dance technique. The way the body is required to bend and turn for lyrical dancing cannot usually be attributable to one technique or the other.

Generally, the choreography for lyrical dance involves partners who interpret ballads or love songs about how a relationship makes them feel. Although there are types of interpretive songs that are used for lyrical dance pieces other than love songs, positive love songs as well as songs about lost love are the most common types because they are usually filled with emotion.

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Writing country lyrics is not every common man’s cup of tea. People with a keen sensitivity, imagination and observation do well at this profession. A successful country lyric will touch the ear, heart and soul of the old and the young, be easily set to soft music, while reverberating with words to become endearing to the listener. The basic device in the writing of lyrics is the repetition of choruses and has been thus since the dawn of history of vocal music. There is something hauntingly magical about writing country lyrics. The more you delve into it, the more you are likely to become enchanted by it and all other thoughts seem to fade into the recess of your mind. It is an engrossing as well as lucrative vocation. All famous lyricists of yesteryear have been known to be music lovers too.

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