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Theory of Knowledge (IB) is one of the most meta subjects. TOK is complex, but it provides a basis for holistic learning. It allows students to have multidisciplinary experiences.

To understand TOK means to understand IB’s essence, a task that most people find impossible.

But not for me! We are grateful to our lucky stars for allowing us to connect with you on NailIB. What exactly will NailIB do for you? We’ll talk more about that later. Let us now concentrate on your TOK essay.

TOK illustrates how students can use their knowledge to gain greater awareness and credibility.

Big words, huh?

Now that we are aware that Theory of Knowledge is not something tokessayexample.com we can just slide through, let us now understand how to win this battle with all our might.

  1. Token’s purpose

To answer the Why behind our studies, TOK essay’s primary goal is to provide an explanation. It helps you to understand the real-life implications and meanings of your subjects. Students gain a greater awareness of their ideologies and personal beliefs and can appreciate the different perspectives. The students are able to discover their unique viewpoint, which is crucial for writing IB TOK essays.

  1. Assessment of TOK

Before we jump into our gameplan let’s review the rules.

The TOK has two types of assessment: an essay and presentation. A presentation invites students to look at a real-life scenario through TOK’s lens. An essay, however, is written based on the questions provided by International Baccalaureate Organisation.

The presentation is intended to assess the student’s ability and willingness to apply TOK thinking to a situation in real life. IB TOK essays, however, are more conceptual.
The IB will assess the essay externally. It must use one of the TOK essay titles IB issues for each exam session.
The word limit for a TOK essay (excludes footnotes, extended notes, and bibliography) is 1600 words

Now that you have unleashed your game, let us move on to the gameplan of winning both your essay and your presentation.

  1. GamePlan

TOK’s fundamental task is to compare and contrast different areas of knowledge.

Students are required to research two areas of knowledge (AOK) or two ways of knowing (WOK) in the TOK essay. These questions are used to investigate AOKs or WOKs.

1) How can we find out what we know? (WOK)

2) What is evidence for X that counts? (AOK)

3) How do you determine which model is the best? (WOK)

4) What does theory Z really mean in the real-world? (AOK + WOK)

These Knowledge Questions help to combine the Areas of Knowledge with the Ways of Knowing they use. This makes learning more meaningful and eliminates the need to learn superficially. This allows us to divide our knowledge into Shared Knowledge or Personal Knowledge.

TOK Basics Snapshot

The sharing of knowledge: What we know
It is the product many individuals have contributed to it. While individuals can contribute, shared knowledge is not dependent on their contributions. Other people may be able to amend and modify individual contributions or add to the knowledge already in place.

Personal knowledge: What am I good at?
It is dependent on the personal experiences of an individual. It is also called procedural knowledge. It comes from practice, experience, and personal involvement.

  1. Execution des Gameplans

To excel at TOK essays, it is important to have a habit of connecting the knowledge construction and acquisition with its relevance in real life.

The next step is to be curious about the differences between cultural perspectives, diversity, and personal assumptions.

Also, one must critically evaluate their beliefs and assumptions in order to lead more thoughtful, responsible, and purposeful lives.

Yes, you did sign up for this. This may seem intimidating, but once you get used to it, you’ll be able understand the matrix better and see this beautiful world more clearly.

  1. Planning For TOK Essay

To create the best writing possible, you will need to do more than one draft. The first thing you should do is carefully choose your essay topic. Choose an essay topic that is most interesting to you. Your topic should allow you to explore the Areas of Knowledge toward which you naturally gravitate. Here are some questions to get you started:

a) ‘Ways for knowing are a check upon our instinctive judgments. In what ways do you agree with the above statement?

b. Discuss how shared knowledge can help shape your personal knowledge.

c) How can we know if knowledge is produced more through ‘Passive Observation’ or ‘Active-Experiment’ within the Human and Natural-sciences under a Mathematical-Perspective?

d. “The point of knowledge is not to give meaning or purpose to our personal lives.” You can assess the validity of this statement.

Great things take time. This TOK essay guide took me more then two weeks to complete. It’s okay to not be pleased with the first drafts. Every time you finish a draft, it will be necessary to improve your understanding of the topic. It will take patience to transform a dull draft into a masterpiece. Be confident in your abilities and move forward.

It is important to consider the opinions and experiences of those who have spent hours researching the topic you are writing about. Sherlock’s ability to unravel the secrets of your mind palace is amazing, but Watson sometimes provides assistance in difficult situations. You can’t forget Batman without Robin. My awesome sauce examples are just a few of the reasons I’m trying to show that it is possible to find evidence for both our claims and counterclaims by doing research.

Real-life examples can be used to support your claims. These examples must be supported by research, such as studies, articles or presentations from well-known persons. Although examples from diploma subjects are encouraged and encouraged, these should be supported by research.

It is suggested to choose a title, stick with it, and tackle the task without fear. If there’s a reason, do not change your mind. Try to choose areas of knowledge that you are passionate about. Knowing that a familiar devil is more difficult than an unknown one, you can be sure. Your essay should have a TIMELINE. Make a outline of your essay. This will allow to you track your progress, and help you achieve your goals.

Trello can be used to organize your thoughts and plan your TOK essay.

Snapshot from TOK Basics

Areas of Knowledge: TOK distinguishes eight areas of knowledge. They include mathematics, the natural sciences and human sciences as well as history, ethics and religious knowledge systems. It is recommended that students examine and explore six out of eight.

Ways to know (WOKs). TOK has identified eight WOKs – language, sense perception emotion, reason, faith, memory, intuition and faith. The recommendation is to study four of the eight in-depth. WOKs provide the foundation for personal knowledge and are used to guide the method of the different areas of knowledge.

  1. Structure of TOK essay

Let us now talk about the structure of your TOK essay.

Your essay will have 4 main sections:


Before you get into detail about the pillars, remember the following:

Take note of what the TOK essay title asks you. You should read it at least once. We recommend you to brainstorm ideas with your TOK Coordinator.
Be sure to fully understand the command word and the question being asked.
What kind knowledge is being elicited
Make sure you are able compare and contrast your areas of knowledge (AoK), and your ways to know (WoK), when you choose your areas of expertise (WoK). This is how you will be able find evidence that supports or challenges your claims.
Key terms should be identified in your TOK essay title. Be sure to define them. These are the foundation of your essay. Your essay anchors will be key words/key terms in your titles. They should be the foundation of your response.
While you are working on your IBTOK essay, your writing skills will be very useful. You must have a clear thesis statement and topic sentence to guide the evaluator as you work on your essay.
Respect the TOK essay title. Rephrasing the topic is discouraged. Your main task is to address the title.

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