How to Vote For Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar

Voting matters a lot in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. It is only through Public Voting, the Housemates will be made to Settle in the house and gets Eliminated. Method of Bigg Boss Telugu voting is completely Easy. You can Vote through Hot Star app or Mobile. You no need to Subscribe for Hotstar to vote through the Hotstar method. 

Process of Bigg Boss Voting


Every week on Monday Contestants get Nominated. Each Contestant will be given a Mobile number. Voting time begins from 11 pm on Monday and ends on Friday Night at 12:00. Every day You can give 10 votes to the nominated Contestants. You can split the number of votes also. You can vote your favorite contestant and check bigg boss 5 voting results percentage.

Mobile Voting

For one vot you need to give one miss call. For 10 votes you have to give 10 Missed Calls. If voting is done through Mobile then you can’t vote through Hotstar with that mobile number. 

Hotstar Voting

You can vote on Hotstar even without Subscribing it. You need to just download the app and Register it with your mobile number. Search bigg Boss on Hotstar. You can seen voting bar. If you click on Voting bar, all the nominated contestants will appear. For one click on contestant pic one vote is counted. Like wise you can give all the votes to one contestant or you can split it.

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