How to Copy PS2 Games Easily and Cheaply

The PlayStation 2 has now been out for nearly a decade, and boasts nearly 2,000 titles in North America alone (the number in Japan is mind-boggling). Considering how many units the system has sold, and how many games are out there, its clear that there are millions of gamers with dozens of games out there just waiting to get backed up. And as PS2s and their games get handed down o younger gamers as the older ones move onto the PS3, the risk of those PS2 games getting damaged increases. This makes it the perfect opportunity for many gamers to learn how to copy PS2 games, and protect their classic games forever.

Copying PS2 games is now cheaper and easier than ever. DVD-R F95zone drives are standard with any modern computer, even computers that are several years old, and blank DVD-Rs are cheaper than ever, usually less than $1 per disc for top of the line media. Even gamers who have never thought about copying games before likely have the tools and the means to easily do so already at their disposal.

The last piece of equipment you’ll need is a software program to help copy the games. There are several great programs available that execute flawless copies of games. These programs are not free, but their costs are more than worth it, and they can often be used to copy games of literally any console out there, so their uses apply to far more than just the PlayStation 2. Some of the best game copying software programs on the market are game copy wizard, game copy pro, and copy that game.

To copy PS2 games, you’ll need to insert the game into your computers drive, open up your game copying software program, and choose to create an ISO of the inserted disc. The actual method and wording of this task will vary depending on your program of course, but the general rules are the same. The program will then begin scanning the disc and making a perfect copy of the data on the disc.

With this data, you can then burn it to a blank DVD, effectively making a carbon copy of your original game disc. Note though, that if your disc was already damaged, these imperfections will carry over to the copy as well, defeating the purpose of copying for the most part. If your discs are already damaged, you may just want to download a fully functioning copy of the image file off the internet and burn that to disc instead. This too is where the above mentioned game copy software programs shine, as many of them have access to databases of games for download, including plenty of PS2 games.

That’s really all there is to it. For the cost of a cheap software program which comes with many additional benefits, as well as the buck needed for a blank DVD, you can save yourself the hassle and fees of having to replace damaged game discs with brand new copies, or lose the game permanently to the sands of time.

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