Having a Hard Time Building Muscle & Losing Weight – Metabolic Damage And Enzyme Deficiency

In a recent discussion with an elite field of training experts many of the well-known authors, trainers and scientists had noticed a growing trend in the general population about the inability to lose body fat. Most of the experts first witnessed an increase in the number of guys and girls in high performance sport particularly bodybuilding that was not responding to traditional dieting and training protocols.

It seems no matter what these individuals did their bodies refused to drop the extra body fat. I had noticed a similar trend in some of clients who had been exposed to high levels of toxic substances, females who had given birth, and in individuals who consumed high levels of processed food.

To date it does seem that in large part the medical profession is blind to the seriousness and scope of Metabolic Damage, its causes and effects, there are always those few individuals who are able by experience, specialized knowledge, and integrated application of sound nutritional and training practices who can provide solutions.

I too came about the same observations of metabolic damage although from a slightly different route. I would also like to add that this topic is a vast and sometimes technical topic, and by no means can I illustrate everything you need to know about enzymes, metabolic damage, weakness, or deficiency.

For a detailed account of how enzymes work, why we need them, and why it’s so hard to obtain them in modern society I strongly advise reading Dr. Howell’s book: “Enzyme Nutrition”.

Dr. Howell was the leading pioneer in enzymes for almost 70 years before his death around the age of 100. His work lives on through the researchers that work for the company he founded. I will talk more about that in a future post. History often leaves clues I will first explain how I came about the discovery of enzyme therapy.

A Growing Trend

I have been in around the health and fitness community for about 20 years, but in the last few years I have noticed distinct trends in clients who were coming to see me. The first group I observed was high performance athletes who recently completed a major competition or long season of training.

These athletes for the most part had been training for most of their lives and then suddenly experienced a significant drop in performance, motivation, and experienced more 酵素 injuries, body fat increases, and reduced speed, and endurance.

The second group I have encountered were women who had recently given birth. These women, many who were tremendous athletes prior to becoming pregnant suddenly began showing extreme fatigue, large gains in body fat, coupled with digestive disorders after giving birth.

The third group were individuals both men and women who had followed extreme “nutrient” and calorie deficient diets, particularly followers of the Dr. Bernstein diets, as well as people who had come off the Atkins diet, individuals with a history of eating disorders, and individuals who had experience challenges with brain chemistry.

All of these individuals had gained tremendous amounts of weight in short periods of time and had become to resistant to proven regimens of weight loss. Now most of these clients were not high performance athletes yet they all showed similar symptoms; constipation, low energy, depressed immune function, emotional discord, sluggish metabolisms and digestive disorders.

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