Golf Travel Italy

Italy, owing to its great landscapes, has several golf courses all over the country. While traveling within Italy, one can play golf in the mountains, by the sea, in and around historical cities and in many of the tourist resorts.

Golfing near the lakes of Grada, Maggiore and Como is an unforgettable experience, with the gentle slopes, flat grounds and small clearings amidst trees. Miles and miles of green area dot the picturesque surroundings. One can walk for hours while playing round after round of golf without feeling tired. The golf courses around these lakes provide an experience which is different from playing golf in traditional golf courses.

There are a number of historic seaside villages which provide the opportunity of enjoying seaside golf. These villages offer a blend of traditional natural surroundings, great scenic Travel italy beauty and ultramodern arrangements for great hospitality.

Mountains are an important part of every travel circuit of Italy. From the Alps to the Apennines, there are a number of golf courses dotting the slopes of these mountains. They have a wide variety of flora and fauna, making them more even more exquisite. Walking in golf courses situated in mountains can be an arduous task, but it is great fun, too. In fact, one has to treat walking as part of the game in golf courses in mountains. You can’t skip it if you are playing a real game here. So golfing in mountains gives a person the pleasure of an open-air sport as well as an excursion.

You can also play golf in any of the golf courses around the cities of Rome, Venice, Naples or Florence. There are several other ‘art’ cities also where one can easily find a golf course in or around the city. In most of the cities, golf resorts have come up in large numbers over the last few years, as a substantial number of people traveling to Italy often prefer to get rid of the travel blues by playing a round or two of golf.

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