Domain Names – Buying Or Registering the Perfect Domain

Whatever business you are in, if you want to have a presence online, the first thing you need is a domain name. Domains are the bedrock of the internet, the way you access websites, a powerful marketing tool, and the right domain can make it 10 times easier to rank high on search engine and even attract natural type-in traffic. The first step, however, is to register the domain name website hosting.

A domain is made up of the main domain name plus the extension. In some cases, there is an additional country code. For instance, in the name, “Cigars” is the domain name, while “.com” is the extension. On the other hand, in a name such as, “.org” is the extension and “.in” (country code for India) is the country code.

You can register domains at a domain registrar. A registrar basically reserves your name with the registry, which is run by Verizon. There are hundreds of registrars on the internet, but the most popular ones are GoDaddy (the largest), eNom (the second largest), Moniker, and NetworkSolutions.

Registering a domain name is easy. You simply head over to the registrar, type in your keyword into the search box, and if the chosen name is available, you just have to pay for it. You never really “own” a domain name. Rather, you register or ‘lease’ it for a period between 1 to 10 years. If you fail to renew it after this period, the name will go back into the pool of names that are free to register. That is why most registrars will recommend that you auto-renew your names in case you forget to renew them at the end of the registration period.

Often, you will find that the name you want has already been registered by someone else. In that case, you can either pick an alternate name, or buy the original from the owner. By buying, you simply take up his registration or ‘lease’. Buying domains is a big business with millions of dollars spent on it by big companies and individuals alike.

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