Doing a Sample Bar Exam Isn’t Enough

If you think taking a bar exam course and then taking a sample bar exam are enough to pass your state’s exam, you are dreaming. Let’s put aside the notion that a course is helpful at all (it’s not). Taking one or two sample exams simply will not cut it.A sample bar exam is just that Certified Ethical Hacker exam . It’s an exam you sit through for the requisite number of hours, and you hope that, after you’re finished, the day of the actual exam will be the last time you ever have to sit through a similar experience.

Yet that is not enough for you to pass your state’s exam. I was there in your shoes. I was in the “trenches,” so to speak. I passed the Florida bar exam in 2005 by the skin of my teeth because I took a course and barely made it through a sample bar exam.I cringe today when I see other law graduates do the same thing. They sign up for a course, go to the classes, take the sample exam, and they hope to pass. As an experienced veteran of this process, I can tell you that that strategy is a recipe for disaster.

However, the bright side is that you don’t need to do more. Rather, you need to do less.What you need to do more of are practice questions, timed drills, and, yes, entire exams. What you need to do less of is that bar exam course.

Practice makes perfect. And in this case, doing as many practice questions and essays as possible (including a sample bar exam or two) is the key to passing your exam.Robert Fulson is a lawyer, blogger, and internet marketer. For practice questions, drills, sample bar exams, and other study aids, visit []

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