Celebrity Cruise Tips – Australia & New Zealand

Celebrity Cruise in Australia and New Zealand! If you are the type of traveler who wants to get out on his feet and do some exploring rather than sit in a cabin all day or lounge by the pool, then an adventure excursion in Australia and New Zealand is the ideal holiday for you. These two vacation spots are popular destinations for tourists who want to hike mountains, swim in and sail through ocean blue waters, explore rain forests, and discover the amazing wildlife that lies within them. A Celebrity Cruise trip will bring you right in the middle of the action where you will get to experience an eclectic mix of cultures in an environment teeming with different climates and landscapes. couches melbourne

If you have a lot of time in your hands, you may consider hiking the rough lands of Sydney by taking the Exclusive Blue Mountains tour by Celebrity Cruise. A 4WH tourist vehicle will take you across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and into the Featherdale Wildlife Park where you will be able to come up close with exotic local animals. You will also make brief stops at fruit orchards known to many Australians as the “fruit bowl” area.

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A further drive down South will bring you to the Burralow Creek National Park where you will be able to view and smell the different flora and fauna of Australia such as the eucalyptus, grass trees, and red gums. Prepare to be serenaded by the fun chirping of the kookaburras and other native birds. The off road voyage ends with a scenic view of the Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains, an experience which many have found breathtaking.

If you’ve had enough of the rough roads and would now like to explore the beautiful coastal region of Australia, you may take the Celebrity Cruise package that lets you do some kayaking on the coast of Melbourne. Upon landing in Melbourne, you will be riding the bus to the Mornington Peninsula where you will be given basic kayaking lessons. The Celebrity Cruise package already includes the life vests and the flotation equipment necessary for your safety during kayaking. After you’re all geared up and ready to go, you will head off to Port Phillip Bay where you will get a good view of the cliff mansions of the rich and the famous. As you go kayaking, you will also encounter Australia’s ocean treasures such as penguins, dolphins and seals.

Celebrity Cruise ships can also take you to the adventure lands of New Zealand. The Alpine Hammer Springs and Jet Boat tour takes you to a scenic drive along New Zealand’s mountainous landscape, and afterwards to a thrilling jet-boat ride on the Waiau River. While doing this tour, you will also get an eyeful of the culture and local life in the region. You will pass by farming regions and wine-growing communities where you will definitely appreciate the laid-back culture and warm climate. To capture the beauty of your experience, you will be treated to a photo shoot at the Mudhouse House Winery, home to the most famous wines in the Canterbury area.

The Rangitaiki Water Rafting trip is another one of the packages offered by Celebrity cruise for thrill-seekers. This six-mile adventure allows you to paddle through Tauranga, New Zealand for two hours. You will be equipped with the appropriate safety gear and given instructions to help you prepare for your invigorating journey. In the middle of your rafting trip, you will encounter the breathtaking view of the Aniwhenua Falls, a well-kept treasure of New Zealand.

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