Car Engine Maintenance – Keep Your Car Brand New

Every one who buys a new car intends to keep it that way. But cars, among other things, wear out owing to daily use, pollution, traffic and other factors. This is why maintenance of the car, especially its engine is very important.

To keep your car looking as good as new, you must wash it every weekend, and scrub it every day. But more than the exterior, it is what inside the car that matters most. Car engines are the most crucial part of the vehicle. The engine is as important as the heart is to our body. Therefore, it matters a lot how you treat your car and what you ‘feed’ it, for its proper functioning.

Car engine maintenance requires that the oil is changed every 3000-5000 miles. This will ensure your car gives you better mileage, even if it is 5 years old. Synthetic oil is known to be a good lubricator for the engine as it breaks down slowly. There are many oils that use synthetic technology engine model building kit such as Castrol, Mobil and others.

Get your car serviced regularly, from authorized service centres. Make sure you get your oil filter changed periodically, but don’t change the type of oil filter. Also keep a check on the oil levels. It should be bent towards ‘F’ or full. Do not overfill it. If the oil level remains low, it might be because of a potential oil leak in the car engine area. It should be reasonably damp but not too wet. Also check to see if your car is leaving a trail of oil. If it is, rush it to your service centre for repair.

Do a dipstick oil test regularly. Once you put the dipstick in the oil filter, notice the color. Well maintained car engines have a golden, honey-colored tone. If it is black, it is a sign of carbon deposits on the filter. It means your car consumes more oil than required and needs to be serviced.

Car engine maintenance requires you to listen to your car – literally. When you start your car, listen to the rev of the engine. It should not rattle or whistle. The level of noise indicates the level of depreciation of your car engine. The faster you catch an issue with your car, the faster you will be able to solve it.

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