Blogs – The Secret Weapon of Internet Marketing

In this time, blogging is one of the most powerful weapons that can be used for Internet Marketing. They are really awesome tools to show your opinions and idea for everyone on the internet and let people share experience among each other.

And for Internet Marketers, blogging gives your site credibility and makes it a bit more personal, which is what most readers want. You can ask your readers what they want to read about, why, when, and what it would take for them to come back again and again to your blog . When you’re blogging, you should have the aim that people should not just read it and never return, make them regular visitors to your website.

Remember to update your blog with the latest news and people will spread the word which results in even more visitors. Let me make it easy, write great content so people read it, these people will tell other people how great it is, they will read it and do the same as the previous person, and there you go. The Snowball effect.

And my personal favorite thing about blogging is that it’s 100% free. You can set it up and get thousands of visitors if just a few weeks. Your readers will be targeted because you’re writing about things they want to know more about, make relationships with these people and build business connections for new opportunities, if you have built a nice relationship with your readers then the step of them buying your product will be a lot easier, but remember to only promote good quality products / services because you really shouldn’t rip off people. especially not your readers.

If you’re just writing about 1 topic on your site, you will look more professional, an expert of that topic. Of course you can write about sub topics on your site, stuff like Article Marketing on Copywrite blogs can work, just try to keep writing content that your current readers would like to read. If you see a blog with hundreds of posts about Article Marketing, you would probably think something among the lines of ‘Wow, that person must be an Article Marketing guru, and he offers a free mini course for free, I’ll check that out’. Keep it simple and target your readers.

You should also make sure that you’re keeping up, read other people’s blogs about the subject you’re blogging about, visit websites and forums so you will know the latest news in that specific niche. But I certainly don’t recommend that you re post what these people have already written because that will be considered old news, but read these so you know in which direction the market is going.

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