Blogging the News in Real Time

Being able to blog about the news as it happens excites bloggers to no end. The technology has them all giddy about the concept. Blogs being on the internet makes it possible to bring the news more current than the old traditional ways of written word like the newspaper and in some cases TV. Now as always you will have people agreeing and disagreeing that this is a good thing.

One of these cases where the news appeared on a blog before the other media was in July of 2005 when London was struck by terrorism. There were several people evacuated from a subway car near an explosion and a man with his cell phone was taking photos and they were posted online shortly after. Details of the disaster began showing up on the internet in blogs and people across the globe was able to read and see what had happened that day in London on these blogs.

Some people think that it is more personal to them when the story comes to them through the eyes of the blogger. To them this has the makings of a new next step in reporting the news. Many of the new bloggers today who are the crusaders of this movement towards this new way of getting the news out there sort of speak feels like this is the right thing to do. They believe that the news should be free to report by the people that see it.

You have plenty of naysayers to this line of thinking and they have their good points to their arguments also. They say without the fact-checkers that this can lead to exaggeration of the truth. But no matter which way you lean on the subject you have to agree that these are exciting times that we live in. So if you would like to find out more about blogging or to make money at home lets get going.

Perhaps you already have a blog or have been thing about creating one. Even if you do not have a blog you have probably heard about money making blogs on TV, with news shows and talk show hosts. Unfortunately the news and talk shows have found the few people who are able to quit their jobs and make more than they did working full time.

Is the news about blogging correct?

The glowing news story shows a mom who once worked two jobs trying to support her children. Since she started her income producing blog she is now able to be with them all the time. All this does is give people the impression that just by starting a blog, you can have an incredible way to make full time income with very little effort.

Can blogging make full time income?

There are bloggers who are able to produce a full time income, it has taken a lot of effort on their part. Most bloggers are only able to add an additional income source. For some this is enough to pay a few bills, for others it may be just enough to pay for little extras. Still others may make very little. It’s not as simple as creating a blog and adding content and cash starts flowing.

Do you want extra income?

This is not to say that your blog will never replace your income. It is still something that happens. For others, they choose to work from home on their blog and choose a lesser income. A lesser income but flexible scheduling to enjoy spending time with important people. The ability to avoid the confines of a 9 to 5 lifestyle makes some gladly choose this alternative. Other bloggers find that their blog income is able to pay a bill or two. Or add some extra income for shopping or other fun activities. In this day and age, a little extra income is a good thing.

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