Blogging From Your Cell Phone

When people think of blogging they think about the computers and the internet, but there is a new form of blogging, Mobile blogging. Almost everybody has cell phones nowadays with so many Smartphones that connect right to the internet it is no surprise that people can blog from their phone.

All types of people use their cell phones to send e-mails and update Facebook statues, now bloggers are using their phones to frequently and conveniently update their blogs. Bloggers can make posts about something they see when they are away on vacation or make a post about something they are thinking about while they are sitting in their doctor’s waiting room. It allows bloggers to be limitless.

Bloggers love being able to make posts frequently and quickly. Now bloggers can make posts about something while it’s still happening.

With a cell phone in hand, bloggers can be pretty much anywhere in the world while updating their blog. Bloggers can be at a location where a good or bad event is happening and post photos or videos. Cell phone technology is really changing how the world gets information. Mobile blogging is great for people interested in news blogging. They can make posts about events before news stations even get word of them.

Bloggers can now post photos and videos from sporting events, political speeches, crime scenes, concerts, etc. It’s almost like live news coverage. Mobile blogging is a way to make blogging more exciting. Also, it may lead to even more people being interested in reading blogs. It could greatly increase blog traffic.

Mobile blogging also lets bloggers get out into the world and see exciting things first hand. Bloggers are no longer stuck in their homes and only able to update from their computers. Bloggers will probably still use their computers most of the time, but in the future mobile blogging may become even more of a trend. Every year more advanced cell phones come out which will probably lead to more mobile blogging.

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