Benefits of Having Ergonomic Office Furniture!

A sedentary working culture which involves sitting for long hours at one place has its own share of disadvantages. Improper sitting posture combined with stiff office chairs and uncomfortable work desks can often lead to severe back and neck aches, which can reduce productivity and also cause health issues in the long run. Lower back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections as a leading cause of absence from work. All this makes, ergonomic furniture a must especially for those employees who spend eight to ten hours working at their desk. Ergonomic furniture is essential for increasing the comfort factor, which in turn helps in increasing the overall work productivity. Read our article to know more about the benefits of ergonomic office furniture.

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Office Furniture other than being a necessity at work is also essential to ensure a comfortable working environment for employees. Carefully chosen furniture can be a boon to the office by increasing productivity at work. Studies have shown that installing well designed and ergonomic furniture can increase productivity by 5 to 50%. And in today’s competitive market, this percentage can make a crucial difference in helping your company gain an edge over your competitors.

Back and neck pain can be a major source of discomfort in the workplace. Hunching over an office table, every day for a long period of time and working in the same position is a major height adjustable standing gaming desk

health hazard. Recent studies have shown that employers pay between – 15 to 18 billion dollars in workers’ compensation alone, every year. University Health Services – California, admits that eighty percent of adults are likely experience some type of lower back pain in their lifetime. Without proper back and neck support, many workers suffer from these common body aches and pains, which can lead to long-term health problems. This is where ergonomic office furniture can greatly alleviate the risk of such health hazards by providing optimum support to the spine, neck and other joints. The word ‘ergonomic’ is derived from the Greek words “ergos” meaning work, and “nomos,” meaning natural laws of, which itself explains that such type of furniture is meant to support your posture the way it was meant to be, naturally.

The benefits of ergonomic office chairs and office tables are many. The first is the comfort factor which allows you to work for long hours without experiencing severe discomfort or joint pains. Ergonomic chairs for example have been built to support the body, especially the spine and neck and have the option to adjust the height, back support etc for added comfort. Also arm rests, which are a standard feature of ergonomic office chairs help in ensuring support to the elbows and arms, especially to someone whose job involves a lot of typing. All these features help in increasing productivity and lowering the health risks for employee at work.

Ergonomic office tables or desks are also essential components in creating a productive working atmosphere. Ergonomic tables or desks offer optimum work space, as having sufficient room to move about and work is important. The adjustability feature makes ergonomic tables suitable to people of all shapes and sizes. The height of the office tables are crucial factors in determining correct neck and wrist postures, and because ergonomic tables can be adjusted according to one’s needs, it just makes them more comfortable. Such desks are also ideal for the comfort of leg and foot joints as they are generally designed to provide enough moving space for the leg and feet and often have some support features like foot rests. Foot rests are essential to ensure proper blood circulation in the leg and feet area, even more so in today’s sedentary lifestyle where hectic schedules do not afford time for regular exercise. Thus, the benefits of ergonomic chairs and tables are many, making them a must in today’s competitive work places.

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