Amazon Kindle 3 Review: Head to Head Against the Nook and iPad

Kindle 3, a tasteful evolution to the most popular e-book reader, and now it fits in your stocking. The redesign of the Kindle adds a stylish new graphite finish. Meaning it no longer looks like a comically large second generation iPod had a bastard child with a PDF reader. It features a new 6.5″ E-Ink display with 50% better contrast than the Kindle 2. Images are crisp and sharp, blacks are deep and rich. At the same time it had a 15% reduction in size, and a 21% reduction in weight at only 8.7 oz. Page turn is now 20% faster although still a little laggy. A new rubbery finish was added to the back, which really lends itself to one-handed reading, and keeps your palms from sweating.

Although the redesign is far from revolutionary, it has some notable physical changes, besides proportions and color. The top row of numbers has been removed, and transferred to the symbol menu. The directional rocker now lays nearly flush with the body. Which may be a disadvantage to users with larger, sausage like fingers. A new sliding power button, volume buttons, micro usb port, and headphone jack were relocated to the bottom of the device. The headphones hag more comfortably. The side buttons used to turn pages have been kindle text to speech android flattered, and moved to the sides. Some people complain they are now easier to miss if you’re buried in your book. I, personally, find them incredibly natural, and they make a satisfying nearly inaudible click when pressed. Advantageous if you’re reading in bed while your partner is sleeping.

They’ve also doubled the storage space to 4GB, roughly 3,500 books, and doubled the battery life to 4 weeks (without WiFi disabled.) Just as the past model boast free 3G coverage so does this one but the $189 model also has WiFi capabilities. Including but not limited to transferring Audible audio books without the use of a computer. This leads me to the experimental features which are secondary not necessary.

Have you ever wondered what the interweb would look like as a silent film? Wonder no more sweet citizen! The Webkit delivers the internet in glorious (hilarious) gray-scale. Kindle 3′s browser, (as lackluster as it may seem) is a massive improvement on the previous generations. Full page view, now with photos! and page load speeds comparable to any smart phone. Article mode, which is supposed to change articles into text only format, leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve encountered no instance where it does anything significant at all, let along improve readability. It mainly just causes issues with margins and leads to a lot of scrolling. The new webkit can however zoom, display sites in actual size, or fit to device.

Although it doesn’t support EPUB,(booooo) because of DRM issues, it does however support PDF with a cursor for highlighting text, and 6 new contrast options. You can also email PDF’s directly to your kindle, and download them via WiFi.

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