Active Arrest Warrants

After a crime has been reported to the police, and a person identified as probably causing the crime, the case will be brought before a magistrate or judge, and a warrant will be issued to arrest the individual. Until the person is arrested, this is known as an active arrest warrant.

The active arrest warrant is a court document – this means that it is a public records, and can be viewed by the general public – as long as they have a legal, legitimate reason for doing so. For many, these are useful records when doing a background check or researching information about 騰訊窩輪 a person. For others, such as private detectives or bounty hunters, they can help to locate a person that they have been hired to find.

Another use for these warrants is to see if there is an active warrant against your own name. If you are a victim of identity fraud, and the person who has stolen your identity is wanted by the police, it is possible for them to come after you instead! This is obviously a nightmare situation, and one you want to find out about long before the police turn up on your door.

Back in the days where we all lived in little towns and nobody travelled about much, all you would need to do is go to a local courthouse and see all the records there were that you could possibly be interested in. These days, when it is possible for a person to cross the entire country in a matter of hours, the local courthouse is not good enough.

This is why there are now websites that provide the service of making courthouse records from all over the entire country available for you in one place. Every state, every county. All this information is available in one database. To find active address warrants, all you need to do is search

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